Dance is an important part of any performer’s life, whether you’re an actor or singer. It is a way to express different emotions using all parts of your body and there are so many different genres from contemporary dance, ballet to street and hip-hip.

It encourages discipline in an individual which every performer knows very well. You need to know coordination, timing and awareness of your surroundings. Physically, dance can be demanding. For example, ballerina’s can be on the tip of their toes for up to 2 hours at a time performing for a crowd of hundreds even thousands and they rehearse for these performances months in advance just to perfect the craft, which for a normal street dancer could be very challenging. You are using your whole body as appose to only using speech and facial expressions, you are stretching, jumping and working every single muscle in the human body. It is an alternative way for people to exercise if they don’t enjoy doing to the gym which is the standard way society says to introduce more exercise into your lifestyle.

Dance is also a way an individual can release stress, and any built up emotions that they don’t know how to express, hearing a song that can relate to, a dancer can bring out the best, most passionate routine they have ever performed because they relate to the moves and the music. It can boost self-esteem and make an individual more comfortable within themselves and their body.

For aspiring performers, dancing is a great skill to have. Agents and casting directors will look for people with multiple experiences and people they feel they can easily direct and work with, there is nothing more satisfying to a casting agent then working with someone who is in tune with their body, so dancing opens more opportunity for an individual, bringing in more job opportunities. It is also a creative sport; you can literally dance to anything with a rhythm, and you can move your body in any way that feel natural and good to the individual which can be filmed and appreciated by fellow performers and viewers.

Overall, dance is FUN, it’s the stomping of your babies' tiny feet when they hear that one song they love, the last close movements you’ll have with your father on your wedding day, the heart of many different cultures around the world and it is probably you and your child’s favourite thing to do on TikTok, it provides entertainment physically without notice and the inspiration that dance can bring to a person can make them forget about any issues they may be going through in those short two to three minute performances. It brings people together, develops skills, communication and self-awareness.

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