1-2-1 Lessons

1-1 tuition runs out of our TSOS Glasgow office, with online 1-1 tuition options available!
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The Theatre School of Scotland offers personalized 1-2-1 lessons in acting and private singing lessons.

Whether you’re a budding actor seeking to refine your craft or a passionate vocalist eager to enhance your singing abilities, our expert instructors are here to guide you on your artistic journey. Our tailored approach allows us to focus exclusively on your unique strengths and areas of improvement, ensuring maximum growth and progress. With individualized attention, you’ll gain valuable insights, techniques, and personalized feedback to elevate your acting and singing skills to new heights.

These classes compliment our group courses and can help accelerate the progress of your child in their chosen field. These classes are also ideal for students who may be studying Nat 5 or Higher music and/or drama.

Join us today to unleash your full potential and experience the transformative power of 1-2-1 lessons in the performing arts.



Uniform will be dependant on which course(s) will be done 1 to 1.

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