Singing & Vocal Technique

Singing and Vocal Coaching classes are open to all ages at TSOS – Youths, Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors


All courses at the Theatre School of Scotland encompass an element of Singing and Vocal Coaching. We
specialize in nurturing and developing our students’ vocal abilities whether it be in singing or spoken word. Within our group-based courses we offer a unique opportunity for ensemble work, while also providing allocated solos to foster individual growth. Students who would prefer a more personalised pathway can opt to add private singing or voice lessons to their timetable.

Led by a team of experienced instructors, our singing and vocal technique classes cover a diverse range of
music and play genres, understanding the demands of the industry. Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on refining vocal techniques, enhancing musicality, accents and honing acting skills through song and script.

Students will have the opportunity to explore their voices across various styles and genres.
Our courses are designed to encourage students to push the boundaries of their vocal capabilities. With the guidance and nurturing support of our coaches, students will develop new techniques and skills, expanding their vocal horizons. As a result, this course instils newfound confidence, unlocking hidden potential that they may not have believed possible.

Our courses empower students with essential life skills, including confidence, public speaking, and effective teamwork. Our students graduate with a well-rounded skill set that extends far beyond the realm of performing arts.

Join us to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, artistic growth, and lifelong empowerment.



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