Dance classes at Theatre School of Scotland take place on a Monday night at TSOS Glasgow


If you are passionate about dancing, then our Musical Theatre Courses are for you. We are dedicated to fostering professional development across multiple styles of dance. Our curriculum constantly evolves, integrating the latest trends and stylized uniqueness that dance has to offer, from Ballet to Musical theatre.

Through advanced training and skill-building, we ensure our students are encouraged to embrace their creativity and understanding of the art of dancing.

Our dance environment is a safe space where all students can grow and explore different dance forms freely.

At the Theatre School of Scotland our focus is on building a strong foundation of dance technique, essential for success within the industry. We also emphasize the importance of storytelling and acting through dance to ensure an effective performance for an audience. Theatre School of Scotland is committed to catering to the diverse needs and requirements of all our students, ensuring a supportive and inclusive learning experience throughout our establishment.

In line with our philosophy, we strongly advocate for a creative rather than competitive approach to all artistic work. Our goal is to nurture individual creativity and expression, promoting a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

Join us at and let your passion for dance thrive in a nurturing, empowering, and artistically enriching environment.



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  • Leotard
  • Jazz Shoes
  • Ballet Shoes
  • TSOS Hoodie
  • TSOS T-Shirt

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